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The Idea of healing gardens is both ancient and modern, however, throughout time, the benefits to those who created them , and to those who used them , remain INDISTINGUISHABLE!

You can help build The Wellness Gardens! You can be an aficionado, a creator, or a user, by simply making your tax deductible donation to “The Wellness Gardens”

Call and ask us how you can help “plant seeds”. Volunteers and “In Kind” are truly needed and appreciated.

Every donation is important. ALL contributors will be recognized!

For a copy of The Wellness Gardens Infomation Brochure, click here. (PDF)

For more infomation on how to support The Wellness Gardens, click here. (PDF)

The Wellness Gardens (a Ca. Non-profit corp.)

P.O Box 5 Bodega Bay , Ca 94923
(707) 875-9370

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