Our Purpose

1. Provide welcoming setting where people with varying backgrounds can come to improve their lives and experience healing and success in many forms. This setting will include specific gardens designed for rehabilitative, restorative, meditative and healing benefits, as well as an overall sense of wellbeing.

2. To provide education on the healing influences of garden environments including but not limited to, inward directed involvement, emotional participation, active participation and outgoing involvement.

3. To give persons who have been given a diagnosis, treatment and recovery from cancer an environment which supports psychosocial issues (psychosocial refers to mood, feelings and emotions. Examples include anxiety, depression and low self-esteem; feelings of stress, fear or loss of control).

4. To sponsor special and ongoing events intended to increase public awareness of any or all of the alternative therapies. Additionally events in which body movement and relaxation art forms, such as yoga, tai chi and Qi-gong could be integrated into the healing process.

5. To directly engage in and to provide facilities for others to engage in the promotion of good health and enhanced overall wellbeing generally.

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