Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The Wellness Gardens serves as the catalyst for healing and renewal. A place to visit, to experience, to take refuge in and, as a result, nothing in the world may have changed but the way you see and approach everything is different.

Combining horticultural therapy with the increased awareness of preventive health contributors to increase overall Well-Being is our Primary Goal. We are NOT interesting in finding any cures, rather we beleive TOGETHER we can and should PREVENT disease. Creating an environment in which all beings can experience the benefits, regardless of their level of wellness, awareness or commitment is our PLAN!


Our Mission

To find, enhance, support and create gardens in which people with varying backgrounds, ages and degrees of wellness may visit to enhance their lives. Gardens that will make available restorative, rehabilitative meditative and enabling gardens that may restore our physical and spiritual balance. Garden that will illustrate humanity’s stewardship of, and sustainable interconnectedness with the earth.

The earth has great healing power, learning how and why this is true can occupy much of a lifetime and is only the beginning. Spending time in the various teaching gardens, the healing memorial gardens, and the multi-sensory gardens, will serve as a path along this lifetime journey.

The earth served as our first pharmacopoeia. Maybe in understanding our continued interdependency, how what happens to the earth, also happens to humanity, a reversal in this trend of health desecration may be possible.

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