Welcome to the Wellness Gardens

What is a Wellness Garden

Wellness Gardens are designed with the specific intention of the desired outcomes, including spiritually healing as well as physically therapeutic. The healing process is complex and by no means fully understood, but there are basic attitudinal shifts that take place when an individual is stressed or otherwise in need of healing. A Wellness Garden’s restorative responses should occur fairly rapidly – usually within a few minutes. The challenge in developing Wellness Gardens is the interface between two objectives, creating a place, and facilitating a process. It is the interplay between sensitivity to the healing process and the development of a design that differentiates a Wellness Garden from other beautifully designed gardens.

What will we do

Combining Horticultural Therapy and therapeutic horticulture with an increased awareness of preventive health contributors to enhance overall wellbeing is our primary goal. Creating an environment which is accessible and welcoming, with a specific focus on individuals and family members, who have been given a diagnosis, undergoing treatment, or are in recovery from cancer to experience the benefits, regardless of their level of wellness is our plan.

What is Horticultural Therapy and therapeutic horticulture

Horticulture Therapy is the use of planned activities in which people/plant interaction is experienced, with the specific goals of creating opportunities to improve physical, cognitive or psychosocial level functions. Therapeutic horticulture is the environment, nature’s innate power to provide for all beings.

Why Cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates 1.5 million new diagnosis’s in 2011 in the USA. 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women have the lifetime probability of cancer. Cancer is the #2 cause of death at 23.2% following closely behind heart disease at 25.4%. It is obvious these disturbing statistics indicate literately everyone will be affected by cancer.

We are not doctors or politicians simply students of tea who would like to bring awareness to the Idea of healing gardens which is both ancient and modern, however, throughout time, the benefits to those who created them , and to those who used them, remain INDISTINGUISHABLE!

Please join us.

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